Vertical gardening is quite similar to hydroponics. Even here the roots of the plants are supported using a fibrous material and the nutrients are added to it. Water is also added to the fibrous support.

The good thing about vertical gardening is that it can be done outdoors or indoors. Here are some tips for vertical gardening that you will find extremely useful:

The most important part of vertical gardening is the location. If you are planning on an outdoor garden, ensure that the plants get maximum sunlight during the day. The plants should not be deprived of sunlight in any way whatsoever.

Metallic frames can be used longer than wooden ones. So, make sure you use them if you intend staying in the same place for some time. Besides this, pay attention to the watering of the plants. Plants growing in a vertical garden usually need more water compared to plants growing in a traditional garden. Therefore, the soil you use for the garden should be of good quality and have the ability to retain moisture. One of the best ways to keep the soil moist is through mulching. It will also provide the necessary nutrients to the plants.

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