Grape Food at most festivities is considered complete only with grapes. Grapes come in several colours ranging from light yellow to dark purple. The most commonly available grapes are the green grapes and the purple grapes. These are juicy and sweet. Excellent for fruit juices. Wine made of grapes has boggled most minds for its exquisite taste. It is rich in vitamin b and vitamin c.

Grapes are also rich in several minerals like phosphorus, iron and potassium. Grapes are known for balancing the acid level in the body and improve bowel function. Fermented grapes are used in making alcohol and several medicines. Grapes are used in cleansing the blood. When consumed grapes give a feeling of pleasure and happiness that uplifts ones spirit. Regular consumption of grapes is recommended for healthy living.

Benefits of apricots: One fruits widely known for its therapeutic properties are apricot. It is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin a, b, b complex and vitamin c. Apricots provide several health benefits and improve overall wellbeing. They help in preventing and curing constipation, reduce fever, helps cure skin disorder. These fruits are recommended to cure anemia as well since they are rich in iron and helps in formation of hemoglobin. Apricot kernels are effective in treating cancer.

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